The Rothschild Illuminati is a noble group that promotes individuals' rights and heritage, the environment, and social welfare through grantmaking, fostering dialogue and debate, and our support of humanity.

Exposing the world to diversity, unity, and greatness and bringing desires to reality to support oneness and together we make the world better

Building a sustainable World, taking humanity survival key priority ,health related and support the growing generation for they shall lead Greatness in the FUTURE

Rothschild family

Sir Jacob Rothschild


British peer, investment banker, and Rothschild banking family member. He is also the Institute for Jewish Policy Research's honorary president. [1]

Sir Evelyn de Rothschild

Vice President

A member of the Rothschild family and a British financier,

Lynn Forester de Rothschild

Council Member

An American-British billionaire businesswoman and the CEO of E.L. Rothschild, a holding company.

We strive to improve the living conditions of all Humanity and Others Worldwide thus Making the World a Better Place

Building a Sustainable World of Equity and equal opportunities for all hamanity and the world at large.

Rothschild illuminati

Gives opportunity to all so they can become great and successful. become great and archieving their destiny

Henry Fodfield

Exercutive Officer
The Rothschld Illuminati has been of great benefit to me, for they have helped me a lot in my career. I have risen greatly.

Barry Scabad

The Rothschild illuminati has improvised the Bussiness world greating by the Grants they give out to members with that we build a new world of business

Rose Maddison

The influence of the Rothschild Illuminati on my political journey has been enormous, and they have helped me a lot and guaranteed victories .they have given humanity a New choice And direction
In Memory Of The QUEEN

In Memory Of The QUEEN

1926 TO 2022



the rothschild illuminati together with the rothschild foundation work together to help humanity as a whole and bring back greatness to humanity

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